Trade as engine of economic growth for Africa and the Caribbean

An edited address to the 2022 Carib News business conference on November, 18, 2022.

The conference theme to “look at the impact and development market in Africa, the Caribbean and the emerging market of people of colour in the United States” fits admirably within the objectives of the Institute for Africa-Caribbean Advocacy, which seeks to promote the development of the people of Africa, the Caribbean and the African Diaspora. To achieve this, we focus on mobilising the Diaspora, Africa, and the Caribbean in the fields of trade, investment, science, sports, culture, and entertainment.

We are seeking to enhance the ongoing intergovernmental relations by engaging civil society through a people-to-people connection.

My presentation will seek to establish the framework for using trade as an engine of economic growth and sustainable development within a rules based multilateral trading system.

Read the published speech here.